I feel OVERWHELMED and EXHAUSTED! 150 150 Paula

So I got this text last night…..and this was the only way I knew how to respond.

Hey, please take sometime to re-read your text.

  • I want to be closer to God.
  • Manage my money better.
  • And manage my time better.
  • I’m unmotivated and exhausted but I desire to be successful.

Now imagine you running as fast as you can but there is a large rope tied around your waist, but you keep running and you don’t understand WHY you are exhausted.

One we need to ask what is keeping us distant from God. Usually it’s sin or unbelief. We desire to be free and close to Him but in order to do this we need to be healed from the things in our heart that is holding us back. Often it’s from things that happened to us in our past. The only one who can free us of this weight is by talking to God like a friend. Let Him know your desires. Ask Him to show you what is holding you back. Also, we need His help to be successful long term at anything. If we don’t take the time to do this we will stay STUCK for a really long time….

Please know I love you ALL and It’s a process, so never beat yourself up. That will only keep you bound to self destructive behaviors and addiction.



It’s so HARD to give JESUS my food

It’s so HARD to give JESUS my food 150 150 Paula


I have a hard time giving Jesus my food.2014-05-15 21.12.34

I don’t understand why I struggle with food. I don’t understand why I had to give up my job as a weight loss coach. I don’t understand why I had to give up my job as a fitness coach. I don’t understand why I am no longer at my goal weight. It’s not fair to see other women succeed in this area when I feel so trapped. But why do I feel like God wants me to surrender this area at the feet of Jesus?

This journey has not been easy for me at all, but what I am learning is that God wants full control of my life. He doesn’t ever want one of His children to want something besides Him so badly that we are willing to give up their lives for it. I can so relate to Esau who traded his birthright for a bowl of flippin’ stew! (Genesis 25: 27-34) He wanted something so badly—a bowl of lentil soup—for which he was willing to sell his birthright. He sold his birthright for instant gratification to try to fill his emptiness.

I get it; I would have done anything to become skinnier and prettier. I can remember when my eating disorder was at it’s worst there were days I felt like dying because I couldn’t control this battle I had with food and my weight. For the last few years, I have been asking God why is it so hard for me to completely lay this down at your feet. I don’t want to be obsessed about my food, my looks, and my weight. And He continues to show me that I am still trying to control areas of my life where I do not trust Him. Jesus wants us free in all areas, but He needs us to recognize we can’t do it in our own strength. If we attempt to fix ourselves without Him, it will never work because our strength and resources are limited.2015-03-21 20.12.08

Several times in my life, I told myself that I would get skinnier to make people love me. I would watch my father bring other women into our home because they were skinner and prettier than my mother, I made a vow to myself: I will always be skinny and pretty. When I got pregnant as a teenager and the only words my father spoke to me were to protect my body, I made another vow: I will show him that I can get skinny. When my first husband cheated on me all the time, I made yet another vow: I will be prettier and skinner than those girls.

My food and weight issue is all a form of control so I can stick to these vows that I made to myself. I think I am controlling the pain of my past, which is all a lie from the pit of hell. If we fall for this trap, we will never get out of this vicious cycle.

Sometimes we want to be skinny for the wrong reasons. We hold onto our eating disorders because of pain from what someone else said or what they have done to us. Or we feel we are repaying someone for what they did or said by showing them we will be skinny to prove they lost a good thing or prove we are lovable. What I learned in my journey is that I have to surrender all this stinkin’ thinkin’, and it is not easy. We need to understand that when we walk through the pain of our past with Jesus, it’s really not as scary as the actual events that caused the pain in the first place.

I take care of myself daily by spending time with Jesus, washing myself in getting to know His character and teaching myself the thoughts He has towards me. Then I ask Him to help me eat healthy and be active, and I leave the rest up to Him. He is my creator, and He knows what my perfect weight should be.

This year I made another vow: I will not step on a scale to weigh myself unless a doctor needs my weight. You might think that is a little extreme or crazy, but I don’t want to be a slave to anything in my life but JESUS! And I sure don’t want a number to tell me I am

Are you ready to lay your weight, eating disorders, and pain at the feet of Jesus? What is He asking you to surrender to Him?


I believe there are many approaches to instilling healthy self-worth in girls, but it begins within the security of a loving family. Specifically, it depends on a caring and affirming father. Moms are vital in countless ways too, but self-worth for girls hangs precariously on their relationship with their dads.

                        Dr. Dobson





It’s NOT about what you WEIGH but how you THINK!

It’s NOT about what you WEIGH but how you THINK! 150 150 Paula

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a NEW person by changing the way you THINK. And you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2


I love this scripture. I use to think that you become a new person by the way you LOOK! That is the BIGGEST lie people believe. God wants to make you whole and healthy from the inside out. And it starts with your mind and the way you THINK, not look. Looking a certain way or weighing a certain number does not make you more acceptable to God. God wants you to understand that you are acceptable right where your are at.  All God is asking of you is to receive His love, love yourself, and to be good stewards of your temple He has given you. Then leave the rest to Him. He knows what your natural weight should be. Are you ready to do the work and leave the outcome to Him? God has got me to such a place of peace in my life that I don’t even weigh myself anymore. I use to weigh myself all the time to use as a measuring stick to see if I was GOOD enough. The day you and I were born, we were already good enough because we were created in His image and He has an amazing plan for our life. Don’t let your identity or weight stop you from knowing God’s will for your life, which is good, pleasing, and PERFECT! Below I will attach a routine that helps me to practice a healthy lifestyle.

YOU are already ENOUGH, my friend!

Eating healthy does take time and work but it is worth it. The more you can get organized in your life and plan ahead the easier it is. Here are some tips that help me:

*I clean my fridge every weekend. Just a quick run through and wipe down.

*I write out a meal plan for my family on the weekends. Making sure there are healthy snack and lunch options.

*Make your grocery list and only buy what’s on your plan for the week. It helps save money! 🙂

*When cooking try to always prep your lunch for the next day. Prep your veggies ahead of time.

*Always keep fresh fruit on the counter.

*Take a good multivitamin and drink water.

*Plan a time when you can be active 3-5x a week.

*Be gentle with yourself and very loving. Being healthy is NOT a number on the scale. We all have FEELINGS of I’m not doing it good enough or I messed up. This isn’t truth. See it as a bump and keep going.

Here is to a healthier 2016!!!!!

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