I Don’t Need My Spouse to Complete Me

As I write this blog, I do it out of love to help those who may be struggling in relationships. And I am hopeful it will help someone today….
Everything I post is to encourage with love. ๐Ÿ’™
Before I met my husband I was crying out to God to fix me, and ‘I took the necessary action steps needed’ in order to succeed. I didn’t wait for my husband to complete me, even though today he does in so many ways. ( I would of in the past..)
When my husband came along without me looking, it took away all the fears of is this going to work, because I knew deep down inside I would be okay with or without him. So for those of you who feel lost, broken, lonely, single, or struggling in your marriage, what can you do to become a better person from the inside out? Start by asking God this question. ~Paula
Here are some steps that might help you on your journey…
1. Reach out to a friend and let them know you are struggling.
2. Find a good counselor.
3. Learn to spend time alone with God, and sit in your uncomfortableness.
4. Trust God to fulfill all your needs.
I know this post was short and sweet, but I am hopeful you will find it helpful!

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