My passion is to teach and inspire people through sharing my story of how God’s redemption power saved me. I have no desire to become a theologian expert or a ordained pastor and you will never hear me saying that I know it all… I’m just an ordinary girl who was once lost and broken and raised by unhealed people. I love to encourage and equip my audience through my story, God’s truth and what actions steps they can take to overcome trauma and addiction. By the time I’m done sharing, I want my audience to know they are not alone. That is why I am very open with my life experience and struggles. When speaking I come ready to share whatever God puts on my heart. Together we will laugh, cry, and share our hurts. By the time I am done sharing, everyone will be able to identify no matter where they are at in their walk of faith.



This is a topic I feel strong about and there is noway I cannot share about my twenty year battle. I think there are so many people who struggle in silent with an eating disorder, especially young girls, and women. I know I did for a long time. I isolated and I felt so alone.  I felt like no one would understand. I want people to know they are not alone and there is help for eating disorders. For me it took many years, and now that I am in the recovery process, I want to share with others what it took and what I’ve learned, and continue to learn.



“The first time I heard Paula’s story, my exact response was ‘Wow!’ Paula’s powerful testimony of overcoming unbelievable obstacles is remarkable and unforgettable. Paula radiates warmth, kindness and a genuine interest in those around her—on and off the platform. Her amazing transformation, coupled with her passion for Jesus, will leave you also saying “wow!” If you’re looking for a dynamic communicator, Paula has my highest recommendation!”

-Cindy Bultema, speaker, Bible teacher, and author of Red Hot Faith

“Paula shared her testimony with our Celebrate Recovery ministry. Her raw honesty was refreshing, and God’s redemption in her life left hearts filled with hope and anticipation of God’s work in their own life stories.”

-Kerry Watts, Associate Pastor of Discipleship

“Paula Jauch gave her testimony at my bible study recently and it was so evident that God truly performed a miracle in her life. The ladies are still talking about God’s amazing grace transforming a troubled and struggling teen from a dysfunctional family, into a God-honoring, Jesus praising wife, mom, writer and motivational speaker – who is dedicated to seeing other women become FREE. She was an inspiration to us all, to say the least.”

-Jan Voetberg, Bible Study Leader