Change is Never Easy

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What should you do when you feel like God is calling you to make a change? When I felt God was calling me to leave my job so I could speak and write a book it was one of the most confusing, depressing, and sometimes even isolating times of my life. And some days it can still feel that way. But I am happy to announce I am getting very close to the finish line with my first book. I say first book because I am not sure if I will write another one. I am working with my publisher now to do all the fine-tuning, which is intense editing, formatting, and book cover, etc.

My book will be released fall of 2019.

In the spring of 2014 when I left my job as a Weight Watchers Leader where I was teaching weight loss classes, I felt like God was calling me to make a change and go deeper. What little did I know this change over the last five years would be a stripping season of many things in my life like friendships and unhealthy behaviors.  I went through a maturing process while I allowed God to expose some things in my life. I am very grateful that God deals with us in private and not in the public eye for everyone to see. And please don’t get me wrong when I share this with you. I am still a work in progress.

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Some of the things that had to change over the past five years were my circle of friends and how I chose to react to certain circumstances. It was not easy at first but looking back now I am grateful for this season of growing and be stripped of things that I thought I needed. I have had to learn to surround myself with the core people who believed in what God is calling me to do.  I share this with you because I am sure some of you can relate.

One of the things that I am constantly practicing is to be confident in knowing that God has called me to speak and write my book, Cross Addicted– How to Heal from Trauma and Addiction. Along the way He has giving me little glimpse of confirmation that I am on the right path. But just so you know there were many days where I felt like God was silent. What I’ve learned through all of this is I believe God wants us to walk by faith and walking by faith calls us to believe in our hearts what God has called us to do. We have to learn the daily self-discipline of following through whether people are cheering us on or not.

So you might be thinking how do you know what God is calling you to do?

  • I feel it’s something you are very passion about and it leaves a burning desire inside of you.
  • It’s usually something you think about all the time and love to talk about it.
  • And you will sacrifice anything to get it done. That even means sleep and sometimes friends.

When God speaks something into your heart I want you to believe it as crazy as it sounds. Then find your core people who will believe in you. When doubt sets in or things get tough don’t shrink back or forget the promise he gave you. And always remember His timing is perfect timing! Trust the process!


Paula Jauch is a motivational speaker and writer dedicated to helping others break free from life-controlling situations. She loves encouraging her audience to live a life of freedom in Christ. She is in the process of writing her first book about her own healing and recovery process to offer hope to the hurting. Connect with Paula at or @paulajauch on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story 800 800 Paula
I share my story to help others find healing and freedom from trauma and addiciton.
Someone once asked me, “don’t you get tired of sharing your story?” Well, I have a strong answer for you today, No, I don’t.
Right now I am praying for a family who’s daughter is pregnant and she is addicted to herion and in jail not getting the proper help she needs. 
I am also praying for another family who’s daughter is addicted and homeless.
This morning I just received a phone call from a friend about a family we have been praying for that they found their granddaughter who was four months pregnant dead from an overdose.
This past week at my speaking engagements, I have prayed over countless women who are hurting from some sort of sexual abuse, trauma or addiction.
You see I don’t get tired of sharing my story because I know people are searching for hope for their situation.
What if more people got healed and delivered and shared their story of how they overcame? But to often we hide behind our secrets hoping no one will ever find out.
Did you know that you don’t have to stay stuck in your guilt and shame? It was never yours to carry in the first place. Jesus died for all of your pain and he came to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free. 

For Those Who Have Been Abused

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I feel others need to understand the battles that some people may face if they have experienced some type of abuse, whether it’s physical, emotional or sexual.

We might think that no one will understand the things we have went through, but to often there are many people suffering silently from their own deep dark secrets. 

Do you mind if I share a little insight inside the heart of a person who has experienced abuse? Because I am a firm believer if you’ve been abused in anyway you will have a ‘mental battle’ that you have to fight and overcome once your heart has been healed.

I will keep this as short as I can and to the point. Years ago when I was at my therapy session for my past abuse my therapist diagnosed me with dysmorphia. Immediately I wanted to rebuke the word she spoke over me, for one I had no idea what it meant and second it just sounded so serious…

Here is what dysmorphia means…

Dysmorphia is a mental disorder characterized by the obsessive idea that some aspect of ‘one’s own appearance is severely flawed’and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it.

So this would be the medical term for someone like myself who’s identity was broken from past abuse. But what I didn’t understand for a very long time was why did I see myself the way that I did. I hated myself so much that I would sit and curse my body. I just thought deep down inside that I needed to fix myself and I tried many things to do it.

First of all let me just say… God doesn’t create something that is flawed. We are born perfect in the eyes of Jesus!

But because of the wounds in my heart I could not see myself how he sees me.

What I needed more that anything was for Jesus to heal the secret areas of my heart that were deeply wounded.

I spent way to long in bondage to an eating disorder that made me very sick because I thought if I could get skinnier than I would be more lovable and it would make me feel better.

This was a lie that was planted in my heart.

I had a lot of wound’s from growing up in a home with a father who was an alcoholic, and for the longest the abuse and neglect I experienced from him were still controlling my life.

You see it took years of healing from all the past abuse I experienced in my childhood and adult life to heal my real identity.

There still are days I can struggle in this area if I forget to submit myself to God first thing in the morning. In James 4:7 it states, submit yourself to Christ, and the devil will have to flee from you.

If you have experienced past abuse in your life, let God heal your heart and renew your mind daily in his word.

We have to be ready to use the sword that God has given us so we can walk into true freedom.

The sword is the word of God. So before any unhealthy thought can even take root in your heart, be sure to be on guard and take every negative thought captive and bring it under the authority of Christ.

The battle we face to overcome past abuse is real… The enemy looks for anyway he can to get into our life and destroy our identity. And he loves to do it through past abuse.

I walk in victory today due to all my healing, BUT when the mind gets tired or I get triggered from something or someone those old tapes like to come to surface.

I have to be ready for the battle and so do you.

And here are some tools you can use…

I have learned to take every NEGATIVE thought captive and bring it under the authority of Christ. Also, I ask God regularly to expose any lies in my heart that I may be believing. If I don’t practice this consistently then the enemy has set me up to start self-destructing through old behaviors.

I share my heart with you today because I feel we need to know everyone is in a battle. And I do believe we can have freedom here on earth, but you do have to fight for it!