School Events

Paula Jauch shares a life-changing message of truth with raw-honesty that will leave students hearts open and ready to talk about topics they once were reluctant to.

Paula would love to come speak at your school to make an impact while working within your budget.


  • Middle/High school
  • College groups
  • Staff meetings
  • Educator trainings
  • Assemblies


  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Stay True to Being YOU!
  • Suicide is Not the Answer
  • Self-harm and Eating Disorders
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse


Paula’s ultimate goal is to help educators understand the impact trauma and addiction have on students. Her capability to recognize the many obstacles students face is a product of her own childhood trauma.

All it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman to help them believe in themselves and overcome the challenges they may be facing.


  • How Addiction and Trauma Impact Teaching and Learning
  • Illiterate to Author-My Inspirational Story
  • The Hungry Student- starved physically, emotionally and educationally