Trust God with your Mess

Trust God with your Mess

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When I was 15 years old and pregnant I found myself in what felt like a mess, and at the time I could see no way out of it, let alone see the BIGGER picture. But 26 years later here is my photo in the Grand Rapids GR magazine as I speak to a group of teenage girls who are pregnant and scared just like I was at their age.

You see, when we are going through something hard or something scary, it’s hard to see pass the mess. What I’ve learned in my personal experience is no matter what the situation may be that you find yourself in, just to continue to trust God and know that he has a bigger plan. I have witnessed it over and over how faithful he is to take our messes and our brokenness and turn into a beautiful story of redemption. But at the time it’s so hard to believe He will turn our situation around for good. I had a friend once tell me, ” it may feel like you are crawling through a black tunnel, but I promise you if you don’t stop, there will be light at the end.” Man, was she right! I can now see that God was moving even in the dark places that I felt would never end.

Today I get to be a part of something bigger than myself and that is offering hope to teen moms. I am part of a non-profit called the Lighthouse for Teen Moms here in West Michigan. And I am in awe of what God can do through other people’s brokenness. Now I get to witness him working through this non-profit helping pregnant teenage girls just like me. The Lighthouse for Teen Moms primary goal is to get homeless pregnant teen moms off the streets. The Lighthouse provides poor, distressed, or underprivileged young mothers with housing, counseling, and access to spiritual instruction; to mentor them using a Biblical model Goal. If you know of a young girl who can use help, please be sure to reach out. Also, to learn more or be part of what this ministry is doing you can go here for more information.

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