What If God Speaks To You?

What If God Speaks To You?

What If God Speaks To You? 150 150 Paula

What If God Speaks To You?

God speaks


What if I would of never left my job? What if I would of never listened to the call? What if I would of let all my weaknesses hold me back? I found myself in the spring of 2014 sensing that there is something more that I wanted to do with my life. I sensed that GOD was asking me to take a step FAITH.


On a Sunday afternoon I was driving to work and I heard God speak to me, so I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote these words. “Paula, I want you to help my people, but it is not going to look like this.” I was currently working for a weight-loss company. I came home that day and shared it with my husband. Ironically, he felt God was saying the same thing to him. We prayed about it for a few weeks and I made a decision to put in my two-week notice.


Here I am today a year and a few months later.


I want to share with you what my journey has been like.


When I first left my job I had no idea what to do with myself. It was a BIG adjustment for me. SO to be honest with you, I spent the next two months trying to find some type of work I could be a part of and every time God closed the door. My husband who was very patient and loving just sat back and let me wrestle through my new adventure. When I would talk to him about it, he would always say, “why don’t you just enjoy this time off?” But for some odd reason I couldn’t get it out of my head that it was okay to not work and stay home for a while.


Once I was able to slow my mind down, then I was able to start slowing the body down. And what this eventually did was bring some issues to the surface that needed to be dealt with.


Why was I worrying about work? Now that I look back I have “NO” idea!


I had a lot going on inside of me and around me, but I just couldn’t see what was going on when my life was going at such a fast pace. When I stopped working and found peace with it, there were a lot of things sitting in front of me waiting to be addressed.


The first one I had to tackle was my eating disorder. I had hid this dark secret for 20 years. But I couldn’t slow down to address it because I was a single mom before I met my husband and I needed to put food on the table for my four children. As I was managing everyday life, my life was crumbling around me.


My health wasn’t good and I needed to address some underlying pain that I had buried since I was a child and this was the #1 cause of my eating disorder. I needed to start making up time with my children and build better relationships with them because when you are working all the time and struggling with an addiction it is extremely hard to meet their emotional needs. I needed to get a plan of action in place and I had to make time in my life to do this. This journey that I have been on has not been easy, but it has been worth it. There is SO much I could share about it, but I will WAIT to put it in my upcoming BOOK. I now can see why GOD said, “ You are going to help my people and it is going to look different.” I now have a passion to write a book and share my story about what it was like growing up in abuse and alcoholism. I will share with others how I healed and forgave myself from all the other self-destructive behaviors that I have done.


I am SO glad that I listened to the call of GOD and not the other voices that said, “What will everyone think of you? Who do you think you are to leave corporate America and start dreaming BIG? What makes you qualified? What if you fail?”


Oh. My! If I would of listened to all these voices that constantly played in my head, I wouldn’t be healed of a 20year addiction! I wouldn’t be writing a book! I wouldn’t be Life Coaching!


I wouldn’t be dreaming of all the next steps I want to take with GOD to help others be SET-FREE!!


Friends! Will you start dreaming with me? You can go to my website to sign up for my 14 day Journey to Freedom mini devotional and at the bottom here is a link to sign up to be the first to know about my upcoming book!






Paula Jauch