Who’s Plan Are You Trusting-God’s or Yours?

Who’s Plan Are You Trusting-God’s or Yours?

Who’s Plan Are You Trusting-God’s or Yours? 800 800 Paula

Who’s Plan Are You Trusting-God’s or Yours?

I can remember around this time four years ago. I felt strongly that God was asking me to leave my job. This is something I didn’t want to do because I loved my job and I loved what I was doing. One night my husband and I sat down and talked about it and he asked me the question, ” what do you feel God is telling you to do? ” My response, that he has something else for me and that I needed to let go of this job because it was interfering with his plan. But the scariest part was, I didn’t know what he had in store for me.

After spending a few weeks of praying, I ended up leaving my job. For the next few years I was kind of miserable, I am not going to lie. I had no clue what God was up to and I was striving to figure it out and try to make things happen in my own strength. I spent a lot of time following people on social media and I even started trying to mimic what they were doing, but something just didn’t feel right.

After coming to the end of myself, which took awhile, I was ready to listen and then I asked God what do you want me to do? As I sat quietly I heard him say, “nothing. Just rest in me, spend time with your family, take care of your health and in your free time write your book.” WHAT? WAIT. REALLY? IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? But..but..but…What will people think? Ah, bingo. What will people think? Oh, what a trap I was in. Caring what other people think if I was not known for  doing anything but trusting God and what he asked me to do. Why am I sharing this with you, because I want you to be encouraged. Let me share of few short stories with you. In the midst of my sitting with him, he has taught me a lot about myself, who I am and that my identity comes from him alone. He also has taught me that I don’t have to make his things happen. If I just trust him, he will work it out.

I want to share another quick story with you. I met this lady a few years back who was an amazing writer and she worked for a pretty big company. I so badly wanted to be friends with her, but I let it go and didn’t force anything. Well, a few years later we met through mutual friends and we started working on a few writing projects together and she was interviewing me about my story. Now two years prior I wanted so bad to tell her all about me… But since I let it go and rested in God, he made it happen. This is just one cool God story I am sharing with you, there are many more.

So what is God asking you to lay down?

What do you feel he is calling you to do?

I promise you if you trust God’s plan you won’t regret it!

I wanted to share a few reminders I see everyday when I walk into my closet to get dressed… ‘follow your heart’ and ‘live the life you imagined.’ Friends…God has such an amazing plan for your life! And the world is waiting for you to walk it out! Don’t allow past regrets, doubt or fear of failing hold you back!