10 Tips to Overcome Binge Eating & Establish Strong Boundaries

10 Tips to Overcome Binge Eating & Establish Strong Boundaries

10 Tips to Overcome Binge Eating & Establish Strong Boundaries 1080 1080 Paula

This time of the year many people are searching for answers on how to get free from the battle of struggling with emotional and binge eating. I would like to talk you about what I have learned from my twenty plus year battle. If we ever want to make progress in this area, we need to learn the importance of setting boundaries to help us overcome these behaviors.

Let’s first address that everyone’s healing journey is unique. Let’s not compare our journey to someone else’s or beat ourself up because we don’t like where we are. It’s important to prioritize self-love and compassion when working on healing this area of your life. In this blog I will be sharing steps I took in my journey and point out key components I felt were missing in traditional weight-loss programs.

I’m a firm believer that we need God to help us and give us daily strength. If you’re a Christian, we can call on the Holy Spirit to comfort us and to give us strength. It’s a balance between eating healthy and healing our heart. Today I’m going to provide 10 tips to help you overcome binge eating and establish strong boundaries in your life.

1. Your Journey is Your Journey

You have to stop comparing your starting point to somebody else’s finish line, because we all have a different life experience.

2. Approach Your Journey With Self Compassion and Self-love

If you do not approach your healing journey with self-compassion and self-love, you’re already setting yourself up to self-sabotage. We all have a certain amount of energy each day that we can give out. It’s very important to examine our schedules daily.

3. When You People Please and Ignore Your Own Needs, You Will Stay Stuck

You have to identify areas in your life that you are people pleasing and ignoring your own needs. In reality, you need to ask yourself, where am I allowing my time and energy to go? Taking care of our mental health is so important.

4. Write Your Top Five Priorities

What are the most important tasks and things that you should be doing in this season of your life? Once you have identified those top five, I would encourage you to at least get to the top three everyday.

5. Reduce Stress

Look at the things in your life that are causing you stress. Some stressful things we can’t avoid, but others we need to let go of. For example, trying to control other people.

6. Staying Tied to Toxic People Will Not Help Your Emotional Binge Eating Behavior

This was a really hard one for me because there were so many people that I love. But when I really got deep into my healing of emotional binge eating, I started to recognize a pattern that every time I felt stress it lead me to the pantry.

7. Sit With Your Emotions and Any Tension You Are Feeling

We all have triggers from the past. One thing that I want you to understand is that sitting with those emotions is so important. They are actually trying to tell you something. Whether you need to rest or you might be feeling emotional because trauma is working itself through the body. It takes practice but it is so important to sit with being uncomfortable and listen to what your body is telling you.

8. Healing Your Nervous System

During times of stress, our body functions in a fight or flight state. This causes chronic stress and makes your nervous system dysregulated. Look for simple strategies to center yourself when feeling out of control, like deep breathing, journaling, sticking to a bedtime routine, or getting out in nature.

9. Find a Sustainable Plan

Most of us have heard slow and steady wins the race and it’s 100% true. Quick fixes will always fail us. We have to find something that we can do for the rest of our lives. Let this be a year where you create lifelong healthy habits.

10. If You Fail or Fall Down Get Back Up and Keep Trying

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It just matters how many times you’re willing to get up and keep trying until you succeed.

If you or someone you know is on the journey to recover from childhood trauma, I encourage you to check out my resources.

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