Emotional Maturity After Trauma
5 Steps to Gaining Emotional Maturity After Trauma 1080 1080 Paula

5 Steps to Gaining Emotional Maturity After Trauma

Have you ever met somebody who says, “This is just who I am.”? This is how God made me… What they’re really saying is:  “I don’t know how to change.”  or  “I’m not ready to change.”  or  “I don’t want to change”.  Experiencing trauma throws can off our emotions. Keeping…

Let Go of Unhealthy Patterns and Learn to Live With Intention 1080 1080 Paula

Let Go of Unhealthy Patterns and Learn to Live With Intention

I used to think that the years I spent in unhealthy patterns were wasted until I changed my mindset.  Looking back now it was all part of the process. Believe it or not the pain and the patterns have made me who I am. They have helped me to become…

What is my purpose in life?
What Is My Purpose In Life? 1080 1080 Paula

What Is My Purpose In Life?

Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose in life? I know that I have many times. Especially having gone through a lot of trauma… It leaves us feeling confused, like we have no purpose at all.  Make sure to check out this podcast episode for even more on…

Pause. Heal. Grow.
Pause. Heal. Grow. 1080 1080 Paula

Pause. Heal. Grow.

Life is a journey. It’s not a destination. We’ve all heard this, but it’s always helpful to hear it again. The same is true for our spiritual growth and healing from childhood trauma.  I found myself for many years, striving, working hard in my own strength, trying to push doors…

Why Trauma Survivors Fear Change
Why Trauma Survivors Fear Change 1080 1080 Paula

Why Trauma Survivors Fear Change

I grew up in a home filled with trauma, abuse, addiction and pain.  Recovery has been a long road, and I am still learning.  When I first decided it was time for a change, I quickly became terrified.   Maybe you can relate.   Maybe you come from a similar background…

Change is Never Easy 800 800 Paula

Change is Never Easy

What should you do when you feel like God is calling you to make a change? When I felt God was calling me to leave my job so I could speak and write a book it was one of the most confusing, depressing, and sometimes even isolating times of my…

Your Story Isn’t Finished 640 640 Paula

Your Story Isn’t Finished

Are you in need of some encouragement? Do you feel like you will never get over the effects addiction has had on your life? Click on the link below to be inspired by Paula’s story of healing and hope from trauma and addiction. Episode #13  Addicted: Your Story Isn’t Finished

Trauma in the Church 800 800 Paula

Trauma in the Church

Before I share my heart with you on this topic I would like you to know I am not a doctor, psychologist or therapist. What I am is a person who suffered a long time with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and many other self-harming behaviors. After I gave my…

Holidays Can Be Painful 800 800 Paula

Holidays Can Be Painful

After reading my title you might be wondering what I mean when I say holidays can be painful, but I feel it’s important for others to know how I feel around the holidays, because I know I am not alone. If I am the only one that feels this way,…