Clean Out Your Closet: Healing from the Inside Out

Clean Out Your Closet: Healing from the Inside Out

Clean Out Your Closet: Healing from the Inside Out 1080 1080 Paula

Recently I attended a speaker’s training and while I was there, I had a truly life-changing experience. We learned about the significance of repentance and removing barriers that hinder our relationship with God. Taking time away from distractions and noise to sit quietly with the Lord allows us to truly examine our hearts.

Sometimes in life you have to go backwards in order to go forward. Let me explain…

Along my journey of healing from childhood trauma, I discovered the importance of cleaning out my closet. I’m not talking about the closets in my home, but the internal closet in my heart and mind. I’m talking about making space for God to bring healing from the inside out.

Examining the Heart

I can’t stress enough the importance of self-reflection as an essential step towards healing. And it’s something that doesn’t have to be difficult. We just have to learn to listen to ourself and trust how we are feeling and if something needs to be addressed, we learn to take action.

Focusing on Inner Healing

Everywhere we look in today’s society we see an obsession with external appearances. I personally used to live behind a mask, always striving for outward perfection while in actuality, feeling broken on the inside. The exhaustion of keeping this up led me to a breaking point where I finally realized the necessity of pursuing inner healing – cleaning out my closet.

I had to be intentional about prioritizing my spiritual well-being and cultivating a right relationship with the Lord.

The Power of Vulnerability

True intimacy with our Father requires openness and honesty. We need to allow Him into every aspect of our lives – the deepest corners of the darkest “closets” in our hearts. Through breaking free from shame and guilt, I have learned to share my struggles and secrets with God.
By leaning into my pain instead of hiding it away, I was able to surrender my mask and find true healing and freedom.

I encourage you to allow yourself to be vulnerable before God. Lay it all out. Only then can you genuinely recognize his love and goodness as your heavenly Father. Shame and condemnation only hinder our growth – it’s time to get them out of your closet!

I’m telling you there is transformative power in a right relationship with Jesus – paving the way for true freedom and a life lived authentically. Embrace with me the message of the Simple Gospel and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you on your own, personal journeys of healing from the inside out.

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