Feeling Tired? Let’s Chat About Self-Care!

Feeling Tired? Let’s Chat About Self-Care! 150 150 Paula

Let’s chat about a subject that is often confused as selfishness….. What’s your guess? If you thought self-care you are absolutely right! I struggled with feelings of low-self worth and exhaustion all the time and I had NO CLUE WHY! It wasn’t until I really slowed down and started to examine my life. So I thought I would share some tips or strategies that I learned.

img_2870 1. If you are a mom, you set the tone for the whole family. If you are not taking care of you, it is so much harder to take care of others. Your HEALTH should be top priority. Some of the things I do to help myself are meal plan, drink water and move the body daily.

2. You DON’T have to return every text message or email and you don’t have to answer every phone call. What happen to the days of answer machines, where you waited until you were home to return a call?

3. What do you do for fun or relaxation? Take time daily to take a little break. It could be a cat nap, a bath at the end of the day or reading after the kids are in bed.

4. This one really HELPED me….Take occasional social media fast. What I learned when I did this, is that I had so much more time. Also, I learned who I really was as a person and stopped doing what everybody else was doing.

5. When someone ask you a question, especially your children, you don’t have to give an answer right away. Take time to evaluate the situation to see if it works for you. These are just some tips that I hope you find helpful.

Oh, and I thought this photo was appropriate because it’s how I feel most the time. If you don’t accept me for me then DEUCES!! Paula #momlife #selfcare #dueces #freedom #selflove


I feel OVERWHELMED and EXHAUSTED! 150 150 Paula

So I got this text last night…..and this was the only way I knew how to respond.

Hey, please take sometime to re-read your text.

  • I want to be closer to God.
  • Manage my money better.
  • And manage my time better.
  • I’m unmotivated and exhausted but I desire to be successful.

Now imagine you running as fast as you can but there is a large rope tied around your waist, but you keep running and you don’t understand WHY you are exhausted.

One we need to ask what is keeping us distant from God. Usually it’s sin or unbelief. We desire to be free and close to Him but in order to do this we need to be healed from the things in our heart that is holding us back. Often it’s from things that happened to us in our past. The only one who can free us of this weight is by talking to God like a friend. Let Him know your desires. Ask Him to show you what is holding you back. Also, we need His help to be successful long term at anything. If we don’t take the time to do this we will stay STUCK for a really long time….

Please know I love you ALL and It’s a process, so never beat yourself up. That will only keep you bound to self destructive behaviors and addiction.